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Apparently there’s some sort of a thing going on about the Hello episode (aka Hello Counselor) that Shinhwa appeared on May 13th. Some fans were disappointed/offended by comments DW made about the guest girl whose mom fed her only sweet potatoes so that she’ll lose weight.

The fans’ disappointment was that he looked like a douche bag, kind of indirectly insulting her when he said she wasn’t skinny. When I watched it, it seemed to me that he tried to say it in a nice way, and recognizing it and finding a way to a better diet were something the girl, her mom, and the entire segment were based on. But still, some people were offended.

Well, it turned out that the entire show was edited and put together in a way that made him sound insensitive. From someone who was at the taping of the show, the whole story was revealed. It’s in Korean, so I translated it to the best of my ability.

The original link is this:

– On Hello appears the mother who only feeds sweet potato to her daughter because she thinks the daughter is fat.

– The daughter is 162 cm tall and about 62 kg, and she’s not very fat, but has a chubby body type.

– DW talks a great deal to the mother and daughter during the taping.

– He tells the daughter that she’s attractive and emphasizes a lot not to lose confidence, and to her mom, he talks a lot about how to help her dieting, maintaining health, and a whole lot of other stuff.

– This is why Junjin brings out a little notepad, and pretends to take notes, calls him doctor and makes fun. Audience breaks out into laughter.

– While explaining earnestly, DW says that in one of the books he read explains different body types really well, and says he’ll give them the book.

– And during the break from taping, he brings them the book to their seat in the audience, autographs it, and gives it to them as a present.

– Everyone is moved by this, and applauds.

– But in the broadcasted version, almost all the parts of DW’s explanation is cut away and only remaining is the beginning of the explanation where he says “she’s not skinny”.

– This was originally the part which he was explaining to the mom. But what he said in the beginning and the end were cut, so the meaning is totally changed and the comment is degraded into calling her fat (?).

– Even worse, the segment order was switched around so that the part where Junjin brings a notebook out is attached to another segment, which erases any evidence of DW’s diligent explaining.

– The mother in the segment agreed with DW, and the dilemma concluded with such a heart-warming feeling that most of Shinhwa members voted that it was a non-dilemma.

– The atmosphere was so heart-warming that it could be heard here and there that DW had solved the dilemma, but broadcasted version why, edit why, (__)

– DW becomes a strange person (?) who abruptly criticizes a guest calling by her not skinny on the air.

– For your information, this taping occurred in hush hush that Shinhwa fans didn’t know about it so that most of the audience were muggles.

– If it weren’t for a number of Shinhwa fans who used their personal connections to get into the taping, there might not even be a  detailed review. ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ (*I think this means shivering*)

– Due to the format of the show, Hello, there is a lot of air time for the regular guests, so it’s inevitable that much of the celebrity guests’ parts gets edited out. But if they want to avoid the awful butchering, the best thing to do seems to be not talking much. ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ It all ends with editing away the beginning and the end…

Conclusion: Goose bump inducing editing…. ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ If one decides to, it would be so easy to bury a celebrity.

I didn’t really feel that it was offensive when I watched it, as he commented that she was not skinny (which she wasn’t. She wasn’t fat either, but not skinny), but he also commented that she had a very nice figure (which aired and it made me terribly jealous…cuz I want to be complimented by him about something…anything… I know I’m petty) which he did in order to encourage her to diet since it was revealed that she would eat lots of unhealthy food with her friends outside to escape from sweet potatoes.

I did notice that DW was being called doctor at some point by Junjin. Knowing that he likes to give advices, and the entire show is about giving advices, I thought that naturally he would be talking a great deal, and much of it would be cut and edited. But after reading all this, it does seem excessive.

Anyway, I translated all that so that people don’t get wrong idea about DW. The more I read about him and watch him, I love him more and more, and to me, he really seems like a person, not some 2 dimensional celebrity. All the other Shinhwa members feel that way too, but especially him. He’s not perfect, but he’s good and true. 🙂

Man. another long-ass entry. Who would read all this text? I wouldn’t. Heh!


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